The world according to Karl

El mundo según KarlAlthough The genius of dark glasses who do not admit that the time has come for him to blow the 80 candles; has published on a black and white book (of course!) his most sincere and controversial aphorisms and declarations.

The editorial Lunwerg publishes the essence of the thought of Karl Lagerfeld in an illustrated book by Charles Ameline, where each line leaves no one indifferent.

Following his statements, I discovered an egocentric, arrogant, intelligent, eccentric and provocative by definition Karl; whose biggest challenge is to get into a 30 size. It is definitely true that geniuses are crazy.

After devouring his unique vision of design, luxury, Chanel and books (Karl is a solitary avid reader): who once said “my natural state is permanent dissatisfaction”, today reveals us many facets of his personality we did not know. Welcome to the world of Karl.

El mundo según Karl El mundo según Karl El mundo según Karl El mundo según Karl El mundo según Karl