Collection Mirtilli

A petit choux cream dessert in Paris sparked Merche Segarra’s inspiration for a collection that alternates silhouettes boasting large volumes with other lighter, more fluid ones. Necklines featuring fashion details such as frills, oversized string ties and striped effects are today’s trend and make up a coquettish collection perfumed with caramel and aniseed, next to an enormous blueberry sponge cake.


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The return of the choker

The return of the choker

There is an infinite number of accessories out there to accompany our different fashion styles; a number that is only matched by the different forms and materials these accessories can take. This season we’re particularly surprised by one accessory above all: the choker. As Patricia Sañes of Cool Hunter Diary tells us, this piece of jewelry comes “in the form of a chain, in metal, velvet and silk, featuring everything from jewel incrustations to grunge-style appliqués…” It is also proving to be a popular bridal accessory. According to the well-known blogger, “chokers wholeheartedly play with the idea that ‘anything goes’, with a single aim in mind: taking over our wardrobe, in all their many variations.” But what exactly is the origin of this accessory? We need to go all the way back to the French Revolution, when many women wore red ribbons around their necks in remembrance of all those who had died under the guillotine. Conversely, at the end of 1890s, wearing pearl or diamond chokers was a symbol of wealth, luxury and the elite.

It wasn’t until 1944 that the fashion trend was revived after a 40-year hiatus; the choker was featured in an article in the renowned Life magazine, under the guise of the “dog collar”. They reappeared again in the 1990s in less glamourous materials, boasting myriad colours and often coming in the form of tattoos. Chokers were all the rage again. “From classrooms to the catwalks of Dior, Chanel and Saint Laurent. there is nowhere that chokers aren’t to be found. They have reinvented themselves like no other accessory, as part of a flawless attempt to confirm their supremacy,” Patricia Sañes adds. And, of course, the trendiest brides have also succumb to the charm of the choker. The Barcelona label Jesús Peiró cannot get enough of them; its 2017 collection features only the most delicate styles, boasting precious stones, embroidery and large tulle bows, as well as elegant white silk ribbon that varies from fine and slender to wide and bold. The choices out there are endless, and brides are falling for them all.

In first person

Jesús Peiró brides tell you all about their love story with the dress of their dreams.
Agata Nicola (Italia)
Ho scelto per il mio matrimonio un abito firmato Jesus Peiro, e ancora oggi a distanza di 7 anni, ricevo complimenti per l'unicità dei vostri modelli!
Sarah Abela Porsella Flores (Malta)
On the 14th November 2009, less than 2 months from a traffic accident which left me unable to walk properly for a number of weeks, I made an effort to visit the Camilleri Paris Mode bridal weekend in Malta, an event I had been looking forward to for an entire year, and the minute I walked in, there was the dress of my dreams, a JESUS PEIRO!
Pilar (Albacete)
Os mando la primera foto que tengo del día de mi boda, del pasado mes de octubre. Me hicisteis un vestido maravilloso!!!! Gracias por hacer momentos únicos y por hacer mi día también maravilloso!! Un abrazo, Pilar