Since it was founded in 1988, the JESUS PEIRO brand has been exclusively devoted to dressing the most stylish of brides, and is now internationally renowned as a specialist brand in bridalwear.

The JESUS PEIRO identity comprises many factors, all in perfect harmony. The sophistication of the line, the sumptuous interplay of volume and texture, the superb attention to detail, the care taken in hand finishing each dress, the exclusive adornments and an elegant and refined style all make up the identity of JESUS PEIRO.

Our philosophy couldn’t be simpler: a romantic, whimsical aesthetic, where quality is the number one priority from concept to collection. With this in mind, every single design is brought to life from start to finish in Spain. Here, our intimate team of highly skilled petites mains create each collection using carefully ethically sourced materials. The result? An exquisite piece, where the quality of the finish, close to that of haute couture, means it’s truly ready to shine.

Each JESUS PEIRO collection, designed by Merche Segarra, is conceived for the woman who will settle for nothing but the best in terms of quality, who values both elegance and cutting edge, and who not only wishes but deserves to wear a bridal gown with its own identity. In addition to wedding dresses, we also offer a wide range of hand-made accessories.

Since its launch there, JESUS PEIRO has presented its collections annually at the Barcelona Bridal Week with a fashion show at Pasarela Gaudí Novias. We’re also a regular feature of fairs such as New York International Bridal Week.

Thanks to an immutable reputation for quality and an eye for innovative design, JESUS PEIRO is an internationally-acclaimed name and can be found in 200+ stockists in over 20 countries. In Spain, JESUS PEIRO has its own store in Barcelona (Provenza, 304) and 5 franchises in important Spanish cities: Madrid, Seville, Alicante, Jaen and Valencia. In addition, we are also present in over 73 multi-brand stores throughout the country.

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Though she may not have realised its significance at the time, Merche Segarra created her first bridal design when she was only eight years old, on the occasion of her first communion.

Born into a family dedicated to the graphic arts in 1964, art and aesthetics were always a big part of her upbringing. Following a degree in Fine Arts, the excitement and creativity of the faster-paced fashion world drew her in, and she began to build a career that combined her skills in both. This brought her to the world of bridal fashion and, ultimately, to JESUS PEIRO, which she joined in 2003.

Her sources of inspiration are women and the modern world they live in. In particular, Merche loves being able to create designs that play with both aesthetic and utility. In addition, she also enjoys the unique balance that bridal designs require: the particular combination of keeping up-to-date with trends, whilst also staying timeless. This perfect balance is evident in the “updated classical” style that is the hallmark of the JESUS PEIRO brand, and merges all the elements to create novel proposals for each collection.


The JESUS PEIRO brand philosophy is based on that of Jesús Diez Betriu, one of the firm’s founders and the present owner. Throughout his career JESUS has set himself high standards, and the JESUS PEIRO brand is no different.

Today the JESUS PEIRO company is a leader in bridal fashion, known and revered for having its own, instantly recognisable identity thanks to its intimate, extremely talented team and its founder’s obsession with professionalism. This has enabled the company to constantly evolve, and grow both in Spain and abroad.

Though the structure may change, our values will always endure and remain at the heart of everything we do.

And the essence of the Company is:
work well done,
professional self-fulfilment,
the participation of everyone
and the most advanced social justice,
to create a model company that is the pride of everyone
and to justify a life’s dedication and effort

Francisco Segarra Estampa
-18 August 1976