I’m ready, daddy

Jesús Peiró Suddenly, without knowing how, you are alone in front of the image that returns your mirror, the one which have seen you grow. Today it shows you a nervous bride, who is biting her lower lip compulsively.The flavour of the hot chocolate you had with your grandmother on winter Saturdays came to your mind, you remember nostalgically those quarrels between sisters in the pink room of the house, you regain advices your mother repeated to you fondly when you were a teenager, and you laugh remembering those “just girls” trips which now come to life in the form of photographs on the cork of your room…

With butterflies in your stomach, you remember briefly your history, while watching your sparkling engagement ring; when, unexpectedly, your father bursts into the room visibly moved. The iron man disappears for a few minutes, to contemplate you absorbed. You play with the “fru fru” of your tulle skirt and caress the chantilly of your arms trying to calm your nerves. As soon as you recognize you in your Jesús Peiró dress, you regain the confidence that has always characterized you. “I’m ready, Daddy”.

Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró