Game of headdresses

1421851333-14 Who could forget the famous Jackie Kennedy with her pillbox headdress? The First Lady of the United States became one of the forerunners of this trend, that has conquered the closet of many of us.

It was in Ancient Egypt when the first head ornaments appeared. With the progress of fashion in the fifteenth and sixteenth century, came the use of the net, the bonnet made of velvet, silk or leather as symbol of power; and wigs to gain height and majesty.

But it was Coco Chanel who made trend headdresses. Her beginnings as a milliner were the origin of the headdresses we wear now for special occasions to give a sophisticated, fun and/or eccentric touch to our outfits. Later, the 70 allowed us to innovate in style, breaking the basic rules of this revolutionary accessory.

Brides love wearing this magic accessory, which breaks with traditional aesthetics, giving her dress an unexpected twist in the direction they want. The headdress has the art of defining our personality, that´s why there are nearly endless versions.

Jesús Peiró has designed a collection thinking in bold brides with oversize flowers, in other more traditional who prefer shy jewel encrusted crowns; the Spanish brand also meets the expectations of those who do not give up the timelessness of the bow and, of course, Jesús Peiró doesn´t forget the passion for vintage. A declaration of intentions that give voice to many different brides with a common denominator: their fidelity to good taste.1421851331-7 1421851331-8 1421851332-9