Emphasize your personality

Colección Nanda Devi de Jesús Peiró  She stares at you, discovering her veiled back with a delicate chantilly that highlights the craftsmanship and sophistication of Jesús Peiró. The globe shape continues captivating more traditional brides, all those who want to be “princess for a day”. Gradually, rigid fabrics give way to very elaborated flowing dresses, which have the ability to turn the most baroque trend in pure simplicity. The Spanish brand always run away from the glitz and, although Nanda Devi collection bet on brocade, gold thread, lace, chantilly with gold and geometric effects, guipure and ornamental wire net; its designs stand up for a subtle elegance.

One of the novelties of this collection? Cool accessories like sleeves with jewel maxi-bracelets, sparkling brooches that play in the waist and headbands that look timidly with the right brightness, to adorn a bride who wants to emphasize the beauty of her personality.Colección Nanda Devi de Jesús Peiró Colección Nanda Devi de Jesús Peiró Colección Nanda Devi de Jesús Peiró


Photos: Sofía Roca/Hairdressing and make-up: Susana Sánchez.