Debut 2012 Awards

I have not unpacked my suitcase yet. Last weekend I went to Galicia, accompanying Jesús Peiró´s team to Debut 2012 Awards that sponsored the bridal fashion company.

The ceremony took place at the Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra, where fifteen students submitted their final works of ESDEMGA, Estudos Superiors in Textile and Fashion Deseño Galiza. An expert jury chaired by the genius Elio Berhanyer, discussed the result after a few minutes of doubts and a lot of nerves.

Merche Segarra, the designer of Jesús Peiró, delivered, proud, the awards to the winners: Laura Otero and Noemí López, who received a cash prize to increase their studies.

At the end of the act, Jesús Díez, Jesós Peiró owner said: “We collaborate with ESDEMGA welcoming students in our company because we believe it is important to help new generations of designers from the beginning”.

Bravo Chus!

From left to right: Lola Dopico, ESDEMGA School Director, Elio Berhanyer and Merche Segarra.

From left to right: Lola Dopico, Laura Otero and Merche Segarra.