And Petite-a-Porter arrived

Los nuevos dueños del lujo son los niños

Charles James was discovered as a great visionary of fashion in 1956, a cold winter morning, when he presented his first collection of children’s clothing to a privileged group of fashion editors. He was clear: “Most American fashion is based on making old ladies seem babies”. He was right: today kidswear invoice more than 160 million euros a year, and sold more than 6 million garments per year. There is no doubt children are the new owners of luxury.

Harper Beckham, North West and Alia Wang have become the focus of outbreaks in the last Fashion Week in New York; and Prince George of England is the new icon of style.

Aware of this announced revolution -today kidswear grows twice as feminine fashion- prestigious Harrods have 10.500 square meters dedicated exclusively to children’s clothing, Net-a-Porter has bought the domain Petite-a-Porter and Karl Lagerfeld is going to launch his first children’s collection in spring 2016. Stay tuned!

Los nuevos dueños del lujo son los niños Los nuevos dueños del lujo son los niños Los niños son los nuevos dueños del lujo