HERITAGE, the collection that marks our 30th anniversary

This collection commemorates thirty years of JESUS PEIRO. This is a very special collection for the house of JP, and one that pays homage to our own history; to the legacy and heritage that have brought us this far, along a path of threads that have always been white.

1988 was a magnificent year with a spectacular start; it was the year that the big New Year lottery “El Niño” fell in Barcelona.

The city, which was in the midst of preparing for the greatest Olympic Games of all time, turned around to face the sea. And if that wasn’t enough, Lauren Bacall came to visit!

We were born under a lucky star.

This collection relates how we got where we are today, and tells how we dedicated time and effort to make each day our greatest achievement, how we always strove for excellence and are proud to display the beauty of an artisan trade, our trade that seeks to convert every woman into the most beautiful bride in the world.

A bride. A motivation.

That our wedding dresses caress them, help them walk full of grace, illuminate their skin, flatter their figures and make their dreams come true. They make the bride feel beautiful, happy and special.


We look at their gestures, ask them about their sensations, we analyse their proportions and take care of their wishes – we seek their complicity. And when they fall in love with a dress and we see this incredible look of illusion on their faces, we are thrilled too. Always. A happy bride. This is our heritage.

Over these past 30 years there have been many people who have contributed to what we have become today. These thimbles carry their names, in tribute.