4 Legged Guests

Unconditional friends, cheerful, faithful, sociable, generous, caring…

It is difficult to resist the unconditional and selfless love of our pets. They are the joy of our homes and a powerful antidote to sadness and stress.

For all these reasons they have conquered a very important place in our lives and we want to share with them all the most special moments.

If you want your furry baby to be a front row witness of your “I do”, here are some ideas.

Make sure that the place you have chosen to celebrate your wedding at accepts pets.

  • Let your suppliers know
  • Hire a pet sitter
  • They could be the perfect companion to walk down the aisle just before you, maybe as a ring bearer?
  • Some people dress them up in a bow tie or tulle skirt for the occasion.
  • Give them a necklace of flowers to match your bouquet.
  • Have your florist line the collar or leash with green.
  • Cake topper: put their miniature next to the bride and groom on the cake.

And above all photos, lots of photos to remember an unforgettable day with the whole family.