Haute Couture Auction

Passion for Fashion

In just a few hours one of the most diverse and unusual auctions of all times will take place. Some of the most significant haute couture pieces from the twentieth century will share the limelight with dresses of historical significance and royal robes, as part of the “Passion for Fashion” auction at Kerry Taylor Auctions London.

From clothes worn by the Icelandic singer Björk, to those owned by King Charles the second and an incredible collection of items from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Altogether the auction promises a diverse mix of design, history and art that offer a masterclass in couture sure to surprise even the most eclectic. 

Diana Vreeland and her eccentric and memorable outfits will also be auctioned, next to the legendary corset that Jean Paul Gaultier designed for Madonna. In the middle of this whirlwind of art and couture, the public will be able to bid for two iconic dresses owned by Lady Di; without doubt, they will prove a huge draw. Tomorrow will surely be a day to remember.

Passion for Fashion Lady Di Passion for Fashion