• “Dress after dress… tulle… more tulle… more dresses”
    It’s difficult to describe the path that each collection traces upon our experiences. They are all similar, but take different routes.
    The life of these paths, the life of these gowns, sharing our lives with them as long as this creation lasts. They speak to us silently, without words. They are always with us, they delight and thrill us…
    During this relationship from nothing to everything, we all gradually leave a little part of ourselves in every detail, in every decision… every minute… every day… over so many years… 30 years!
    This was the real inspiration behind this latest collection; HERITAGE, this beautiful, unforgettable journey we are sharing once again, one more year…

    Merche Segarra

  • 904

    Dress with a crepe bodice, bateau neck, straps in the back, double calla lily ornament and soft tulle skirt.
  • 907

    Pique dress with a full skirt paired with a bodice in cotton lace with a back triangle neckline and a crew neck in the front.
  • 933

    Dress with a V- neck at the front and square neckline in the back with double bows on the shoulders. Full skirt with pleats.
  • 973

    Crepe off the shoulder bodice paired with a tulle skirt in nude tones with a wide belt embroidered with tone on tone sequins.
  • 979

    Coat dress in grand silk mikado with floral adornment in sleeves and a light tulle skirt.
  • 980

    Short tulle coat embroidered in a panama effect with silk thread. Transparent yoke, cuffs with marabou and cock feathers and a great flounce.
  • 982

    Silk fil-coupé dress, V-neck at the front and back with double flounces in sleeves and great A-line skirt.
  • 983

    Full volume and strapless dress in silk mikado with a poncho embroidered with black jet and embellished with marabou feathers and beading.
  • 984

    Mermaid dress in lace embroidered with stripes of beading, long sleeves and transparencies.
  • 985

    Dress embroidered in crystal and light feathers on a tea green tulle with great evasée skirt.