Veil, yes or not?

There are brides who do not understand a bridal outfit without what for them is the star accessory. The veil has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and Jesús Peiró has been working in new traditional and daring proposals.

In Soirée collection, Merche Segarra bet illusion tulle veils, inspired by a glamorous parisian woman who Merche conceived, gin- tonic in hand, when she was enjoying a winter night in the french capital.

“Most of our veils include cuts of fantasy tissues of their dresses”. Jewels details? Chantilly, macramé, petals applications in silk voile and pearls. Our favorite version: The veil made ​​of strips of embroidered applications and sprinkled with glass.

This complement has incredible versatility. The same article combined with different dresses can be completely opposite. “With the bouquet, the veil is the accessory that identifies and distinguishes the bride”, Merche dixit. And I would not dare to contradict her.