“No holidays for creation”

Jesús Peiró

A pencil or a pen on a Din A4. So Merche Segarra draws her first sketches. “I always draw the final designs with a Faber-Castell pencil -a gift from one person whom I appreciate very much- on a Din-A4 with a template I drew up the first day I designed for the brand”. The original sketches are kept by the pattern makers, and she gives out copies to the accessories department, and to the general board of the collection.

“I like to follow the same ritual and design on my desk, but does not mean I create designs there. The dresses are living in my head all day. No holidays for creation”. Merche confesses that when all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, she save them in her mental file until she arrives to her table to keep them alive. And this is just the beginning of a beautiful and laborious process of creation, the result of a team committed to the dreams of their clients.

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