Colección Mirtilli de Jesús Peiró

Last week I went to Jesús Peiró factory to see the new collection. I had already advanced its name: Mirtilli, a word that sweetened my mouth and fed my curiosity. Far from settle for it, I decided to discover the new designs; the same that will open a window to fantasy, rigor and perfection on 27th April on the catwalk.

Write about fabrics, volumes and accessories that have yet to stay in the shade is not easy (this picture is the only concession I can give you). The desire to tell and show you what Jesús Peiró has been “cooking” for a year is almost unbearable. My consolation? Next lines I´ll write for you will feed the soul of the most aesthetes, and the palate of the most gourmands, in a masterclass of sewing and wit.

Year after year, Jesús Peiró reinvents itself without losing its essence. “Designing new gowns without losing balance”. This is the premise that does not forget Merche´s team, which has become a magnificent tightrope walker.

And while I put an end to these lines, my ears still enjoy the ringing of sewing machines. The last stitches are always the sweetest.