Made in Spain Guaranteed

Since it started in 1988 our company has always offered a product entirely made in Spain. It is one of our core values. 

When other companies in the sector opted to produce abroad, increasing their profits, we have remained faithful to our principles.

We have top-level professionals who have been part of our team for many years, some of them will soon retire and we will miss them very much! And during all these years, young people with the ability to innovate have joined our team. People who also believe in our values, and who have opted to work in a company that stands for quality, sustainability, and local manufacturing.

As a sustainable company, producing in Spain is essential, since one of the pillars of sustainability is to provide well-being (work and opportunities) to the people in our community. Producing locally also reduces environmental pollution which is generated by importing everything from distant lands.


Everything we do,
we do it in Spain