Make up tips

I’ve always wanted to know if I use too much bronzing powder, and how and when should I apply the eyeliner. So today I interview Baltasar González, Make Up Artist for MAC, in the mirror of my room. Doubts result!Does the foundation is always good?

Always! Because it helps us to have a natural skin, correcting small redness. In addition to that, the base protects you from the sun all day.

And if I suffer acne?

There are bases treatment without oil for acne.

Why do I use the spell?

To hide dark circles, pimples and minor injuries.

How do I apply bronzing powders?

First, apply them in the bottom of the cheekbones, as if the sun had given you. Then, it’s up to the chin and forehead. You should never wear makeup on your neck.

What are the points I should give light to the face?

At the top of the cheekbones, nose central spine without reaching the tip, on the two bumps (Cupid’s bow) between the nose and lip, chin, under the eyebrow and in the tear ducts.

What mascara do you recommend?

Noty Hoty Light, of MAC. It pad the root of the lashes and distributes the product getting a very natural effect.

False eyelashes, yes or not?

Only for special occasions.

Does eyeliner make smaller the eye?

The eyeliner helps open up the eye, but the inside line makes them smaller, but it helps you to get a sexier look.

How should I apply it?

Depends. If you love 60’s style: Apply it very thin on the inside and slightly thicker at the outside of the eyelid, lifting a minimum corner at the end. We can also diffuse kohl to get the effect of the 70s.

What lip colors are fashion?

All reds, ranging from red to red orange fuchsia.

A day makeup?

A good foundation, concealer, mascara and lip touch in a peachy skin tone.

And at night?

Bet for a smoky eyes in dark gray, a touch of silver in the center of the eye, lots of mascara and a lipstick wine with a touch of balm.