Made in Vermont

Tata Harper

She is Colombian but lives on a farm in Vermont, today considered one of the epicenters of eco cosmetics thank´s Tata Harper products produced at her home. ¿The result? Formulas that include 6-29 active botanical principles, many of them from plants grown in situ.

It is a facial and body organic cosmetic line, that also offers aromatherapy treatments for irritability, stress and insomnia.

From Vermont, Tata has landed this week in Barcelona to give a workshop in the advanced cosmetic boutique JC Apotecari, which exclusively distributes the prestigious brand in Spain.

There we met journalists and VIP clients to discover the beauty secrets of an expert in the sector. Wearing a dress by Alexander Wang, and a flawless skin as her best presentation card, Tata tell us that Coke dehydrates the skin, carotenoids and natural juices are great antiaging allies and it´s appropriate to apply Hydrating Floral Essence tonic by Tata Harper to set the makeup.

The afternoon was spent in laughter, lively interviews, and many tweets and selfies until, when we wanted to realize, a taxi waited Tata at the door of JC Apotecari to take her to the airport. Her next destination? Rome.

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