Veiled brides

Jesús Peiró

Veil… yes or not? This year, the eternal dilemma of many brides loses force. 2016 recovers the importance of the veil with Jesús Peiró leading the motion, thanks to a range of endless possibilities for all styles.

As its Creative Director, Merche Segarra, says: “the veil is the indispensable complement of a bride”.

After several seasons in which it seemed that the headdress moved the veil, the balance has finally ruled in favor of the veil. What’s yours?

Jesús Peiró retrieves and updates the classic lace veil, avoiding floral and intricate ornaments. To the delight of many, Peiró team reinvents the most traditional version of the veil without losing its essence.

Another option? Short veils are the best allies for those who think the veil could be too long or heavy. “It´s a great tendency the smooth short veil and, in particular, it´s noticed a huge acceptance with narrow short veil that combines geometric profiles, game of transparencies and opaque ones”.

The most baroque brides are in luck, because the veils carefully crafted to match the wedding dress are also fashionable. “Long and bucolic veils made of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk are trend. And for the finishes, there is a clear tendency to applications of paniculate and natural hydrangea”. But flowers are not just sneak into the most romantic wedding designs, they also do it in the IT complement of any self-respecting bride because, in 2016, brides become veiled!

Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró