THEM, 25 years later


Charlie’s Angels are back! thanks Olivier Rousteing, who has recovered the golden age of fashion getting together three icons we don´t forget: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. They invented the term “supermodel” in the 90s and, 25 years later, they are back to show that time hasn´t taken a toll on them.

Without fear and proud of their ages -Cindy is about to turn 50 and Claudia and Naomi are on the brink of being 45- they pose for the brilliant photographer Steven Klein, showing that they are still the undisputed queens of the fashion system. Dressed in Balmain spring/summer collection, this three deploy their magnetism in a clear claim of the throne that Rousteing returned them doing justice. Not surprisingly, the Creative Director of the French company has admitted recently: “These three made me love fashion”. And like him, long ago, the world fell in love with them.

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