The reign of a journalist

Letizia Ortiz

Last Monday, the Spanish people woke up with the new of 2014: “The King abdicates”. Titles of digital newspapers succeeded each other, and women’s magazines were quick to convert Letizia Ortiz in the image of the day. “Never a journalist had come so far”, said a colleague. From TV1 news to Zarzuela. Almost nothing !

For the first time in the history of our country, a commoner will become our queen. A divorced woman, journalist, mother and, as experts say, amply prepared to succeed Queen Sofia.

We know of her strong character by the famous “let me finish “, her tenacity and intelligence ; we also know of her learned discretion and perfectionist character. Her looks tell us a lot about her: she loves wearing impeccable cuts, clean lines, midi skirts, high-heeled peep toes, mascara (always) and just a bit of blush. Letizia likes to choose her wardrobe and does not usually take risks with their choices: in a short period of time, Felipe Varela has become her head designer for the most important events, and Mango is her main ally to enjoy the Madrilean asphalt as an anonymous citizen. Out of the public eye, Letizia loves wearing jeans and leather jackets. That´s how our future Queen is.

Letizia Ortiz


Letizia Ortiz Letizia Ortiz Letizia Ortiz Letizia Ortiz