The list

Propósitos 2014

I know it. I’m late. Today I open my closet to write the annual “list”,even I disowned her at the end of 2013. But I have fallen again: without my New Year’s purposes I would not be Joséphine.

This time, I dared not write “go to the gym” because I should be realistic, and if after six attempts I have not been able to fulfill my (damned) objective … it´s best left for later, but I will not surrender.

Eating fish, undermine my exaggerated passion for order, learn to be alone, reading a María Dueñas novel, riding for the first time and learn to cook are some of the purposes that rest in the drawer of my nightstand. In the “maybe” section is doing theater, and in “as always” is loving more my family and friends. This last sentence helps me to discern the essential from the accessory things in the world.

Propósitos 2014 Propósitos 2014 el tiempo entre costuras de maría dueñas propositos 2014