I can´t with my life. I have three days of non stop fashion shows in the front row of the 080 Catwalk in Barcelona. My dark circles begin to threaten me to not disappear. But I´m going to win the battle. How? Visiting the only Spa By Valmont the swiss anti-aging cosmetics brand has in Spain.

It´s not the first time I give me this caprice. A couple of months ago, I went there to have the best beauty ritual: Vitality treatment of glaciers, that nourished and revitalized the skin of my face and neck.

A professional applied me a collagen mask for almost an hour and I ended up falling asleep! in a cabin with a pleasantly relaxing music, which loosened until the last of my tight muscles. I left the spa with bright skin. The best? All Valmont creams are made with water from the glaciers of Switzerland. It´s so cool!