Secret point

I’m addicted to city! I lose all notion of time hanging around the streets, and discovering hot spots that I´m going to share with you.

On saturday morning, I ventured through the Ensanche catalan neighborhood, looking for glitter flats that I need? to shine this summer. I didn´t find them. In return, I found a new secret point you should write in your “Guilty Pleasures” book, by Smythson.

“Cakes with love”. I liked this sentence that subtitle the name of the most charme cafe-bakery of Barcelona. Welcome to Cup&Cake (Enric Granados, 145), a special corner where you can heat the bread in cream color and pale pink toasters, and take the best organic coffee with handmade zanharoria, brownie or raspberry cupcakes… Do as I do, and enjoy a very sweet breakfast or a friends and confidences evening. Furthermore, in Cup&Cake simplicity becomes art, thank´s to its decoration with children’s drawings of cupcakes, and handwritten signs in pastel colors. I think I need another portion of strawberry jam …