The designer of the Queen of Spain

El diseñador de la Reina

Kenzo, Dior, Mugler, Lanvin, Torrente and Tarlazzi have been some of the companies that have seen grow Felipe Varela. Now he is the couturier of the new Queen of Spain.

Formed in Esmod College of Paris, he arrived to Madrid twenty years ago with the intention of launching his own firm, which materialized with his first fashion show at the Pasarela Cibeles, and the opening of a boutique in Ortega y Gasset Street .

Today, the name of Felipe Varela is better known than ever thanks to a very special client: The Queen of Spain. Letizia trusted him as Princess for the most important occasions and, this time, the pools did not fail. Last 19 June, the still Princess of Asturias, came in the Palacio de la Zarzuela with a dress in crepé with embroidery gradient in ruby, amethyst, amber and pink crystals with micro beads. The accessories? A Felipe Varela handbag and Magrit heels. Dressed Varela, Letizia became the Queen.

El diseñador de la Reina El diseñador de la Reina El diseñador de la Reina El diseñador de la Reina