My name is Josephine

Its 6 am and I am wearing my nails painted in mint colour. The wedding of my best friend from university, Mer, took longer than expected because of the good old hits from Donna Summer. My heels will never forgive me. Never!

I lie in bed and left my feet dangling to contemplate, proud, my new fluorescent green Chie Mihara. Nevertheless, sleep wins the battle with my obsession for shoes, and I feel my eyelids now.

I don´t know how I´ve got here. But suddenly I find myself facing a large mirror with a chantilly wedding dress embroidered with crystal applications. My mother approves what she sees with a triumphant smile. I come home with the excitement of a girl immersed in the maelstorm of wedding preparations, when I realize that I have no ring. I bought the wedding dress before get engaged! – Dreaming could be exhausting. –

“H”, the most intuitive and loving man of the world (that’s my boyfriend), welcome me in the living room doing the stretches required after a hard running session. I decide to obviate my afternoon achievement. “H” might think I’ve lost my mind. And I´ll do not blame him.
Jane Birkin dares to interrupt my sleep. Recently, I made her my new iPhone tone. I like to customize everything! I open one eye, I can not wake the other. I arrive to the kitchen as I can, and I run into my collection of fashion magazines and the mask of my last birthday. Welcome to the world of Joséphine!

Un rincón de mi cocina...