The dictatorship of the corset

He’s back! The corset is hanging in my closet (and I hope in yours) as a sign of rebellion, often to give a sexy and punk touch to your outfit, that goes away from the oppressive origins of this historic piece.

Luxury and sacrifice garment in the past, the corset was used to mark the waist and emphasize the bust of the woman. In the early twentieth century, romantic fashion prevailed earlier in the feminine aesthetic with a very definite dress code: Waist and skirt tight. The corset allowed to advance bust and retard the tail causing the body to take a form of “S”. In 1907, Paul Poiret freed women from corsets betting on empire style of straight silhouettes. After that, Mademoiselle Chanel become the female figure in a true rectangle with the waist at the hip.

Today, the revolution is written in reverse. Yes! Corset is back. Just because you like it.