Choose THE date

Save the date!

I always said that I do NOT want to marry in July. My friends are witness. And I married the 27th of July (when will I learn to shut up?). And it is believed that to choose your date, you only have to noted your favorite day on calendar but…  if the Church is not available? if you wedding coincides with the wedding of a close friend? or if the guests are not going to get to the ceremony because your date falls on Friday?

In some parts of Scotland, the proverb says that you should marry when the moon is waxing. However, in India they are convinced that you will have a successful marriage if the moon is full the day before your wedding. The Jews get married on Sunday, something unthinkable for Catholics… It’s all about tradition and beliefs. Let me give you and advice: get married when it´s possible. And do not protest.

Save the date! Save the date! Save the date! Save the date! Save the date!