Without embarrassment!

I don´t know why people looks at me when I go on the street, and I show off my wide-brimmed hat. I notice how girls wearing t-shirts and torn jeans look at me out of the corner of one’s eye. My fetish accessory was also the subject of my friends comments, when we met in a cake shop of Gracia neighborhood. I have to admit it, I felt misunderstood.

Fortunately, my ally appeared: A brunette girl, who dared to enter in the japanese restaurant Parco, with a Maison Michel headdress. My mates remained silent trying to hold a salmon and avocado maki between the sticks. They dindn´t take a long time to applaud such daring and good taste.

I immediately recognized the designer of the indiscreet complement: Laetitia Crahay, Head of Chanel accessories, and responsible for the centennial parisian hat firm, which now belongs to Coco´s house. I should confess my secret: One of the shelves of my closet exhibits some of their craft pieces. They are much better than those clones and excessive headdresses you always see in daytime weddings.

Let me give you a tip: Have fun with fashion! Buy your VIP accessory, and don´t get blush when you become the center of attention. It would serve you right! And I will give you my congratulations.