Tell him with details

Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi
Life is a succession of details that make banality, a special moment. The sandwich of Nocilla your mom made for you before going to school, that lovely dedication which is still written in your favorite book, or that tennis trophy that your father still keeps in your room as his best treasure.

These “big small” things that make you smile and make your life better are called “details”, and they always play on the side of good humor and zeal of improvement.

Smart and powerful, the details know they can change everything. Nobody better than they are able to immortalize a second that could have been forgotten.

My best friend thaught me that, the day she gave me a simple blue ribbon. “It’s the bow you will take sewn to your wedding dress; it´s my way of being with you at the altar when you give the most important step of your life”, told me. No more words were needed. Tears took care of the rest.

Despite the distance, she has taken care of every detail of my life, as it does Jesús Peiró with all its brides, sewing the traditional blue ribbon inside their gowns.

Merche and her team invest many hours in you, devising new volumes, outlining every remnant of chantilly, stitching jewel belts awareness that will cause more than a sigh… Their goal? You feel beautiful, confident and true to yourself with designs full of nuances (details) they have much to tell. Like you.

Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi Jesús Peiró / Nanda Devi