“Perfume should not hide you. It must join your own scent”

Los aromas de Merche Segarra  We talk with Merche Segarra about one of her deepest passions: the aromas. Because since she was a child they conditioned her life, and she learned quickly to savor the subtlety of each olfactory note.

Where does your passion for fragrances become from?

I think it’s genetic. My father used to leave a trail of scent in his wake. This and his passion for aesthetic left me a trace.

What was your first perfume?

Anaïs by Cacharel. I remember the advertisement with a fresh and cheerful girl, who collected a straw hat while she descended the stairs with jovial mood. The bottle was blue, with rounded edges.Anaïs de Cacharel What scent defines you?

Citrus odors in general. They mean vitality and dynamism. They are direct. They are not invasive, but they participate positively in my daily life.

What is your header perfume?

Cristalle eau de parfum Chanel. I met him 25 years ago! in a friend’s house in Paris. I usually add other perfumes to my favorite one depending on my outfit, mood, the season…

Cristalle de Chanel What factors influence you to choose a fragrance?

I prefer the flavors clean and direct. I like recognizable mixtures where the dominant note is the key. The musk output, for example, because it is powerful. I prefer floral notes soft and round, which expand slowly. I love species appearing during the development of the fragrance. I don´t like perfume hides you. It must join your own scent, be part of your identity.

Which one do you prefer?

Hermes perfume Eau d’Orange, which I share with my husband. We met it in Saint-Barthelemy in our honeymoon. To me, it’s “the scent of happiness” …