I trust you

Jesús Peiró bride

And I do it because you believe in me, because you have not given up over time, because you invite me to rest in your arms daily without asking anything in return…

I know that confidence is ingratiating, and you should conquer it with heart and slowly. It has her “tempo”. And you can´t captive it with words, you should do it with facts and faith.

Trust someone is a neediness of human nature, and I trust you because I love you and I feel safe near you.

I remember when you opened the box, the box that announced the beginning of two lives that became one. I pronounced that first “yes!” trembling; but it was a firm answer because I trust in your ability to make us grow as a couple, and mine to make you happy.

Shortly thereafter, I trusted again, but this time I trusted someone new who knew how to win me with honest advices, giving me more security in hesitant times, and inviting me to its fitting rooms as many times as I needed. Jesús Peiró won my confidence with a dress that understood me. Perhaps that is why today I´m not tired of contemplating me wearing a Peiró that knew how to reach me.

Photo: Mar Mateu.