The vintage of the new millennium

Teresa Helbig AW 2014/2015

Last night, curled up in my printed cushions, I decided to study Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid proposals, thank´s to my iPad. Between the spectacular Miguel Palacio jewel incrustations, Amaya Arzuaga geometry and the debut of Exteberría I discovered Teresa Helbig sporty dresses that unwittingly transported me to the ’20s.

A decade of euphoria and excessive after the austerity imposed by the First World War, in which the woman’s body began to breathe with straight and plans designs. The important was to highlight the hip and waist disappeared. Fashion began to be conceived as a way of life and she was adapted to the needs of women leisure. In the field of sport, Jean Patou began to combine sweaters with the fashion lines of war, competing directly with a masculine Coco Chanel. At that time, sportswear was elegant especially to play tennis, one of the most triumphant sports.

After four days of stress, laughter, flashes and lots of foundation, today the Madrid catwalk puts up the sign “Until next season”, waiting for the new assail of summer proposals in a few months. Meanwhile, fashion magazines, websites and social networks are going to take a breath? (don´t believe it) until further notice.

Teresa Helbig AW 2014/2015 Teresa Helbig AW 2014/2015 Teresa Helbig AW 2014/2015