The secret of Hermès


“Today everything is moving too fast, and we have overbooking of information. Hermès is committed to a slower tempo and authenticity that is timeless”, says Christophe Lemaire, the Artistic Director of La Maison over the past three years.

Shamelessly he admits that social media are not for him, and he tell us that his girlfriend is better handled in the virtual world. “For me the real luxury is having time. I feel the breakneck pace that has taken the fashion world, creating a voracious and unnecessary pressure and competitiveness”.

Lemarire is clear: “I am interested in the design because it is something real, not the show that is created around my work, which is something that has to do purely with the image, something ephemeral and unreal”. The real secret of Hermès? “The dialogue and exchange of ideas”. I take notes.

Hermès Hermès Hermès Hermès
La actriz Marine-Vacth con Christophe Lemaire

La actriz Marine-Vacth con Christophe Lemaire