The Peiró man

El hombre Peiró

They are sweet and delicate. Jesús Peiró brides have a great personality, which doesn´t succumb to fleeting fashion trends.Their charm lies in their effort to seduce with elegance and timeless trends, revealing skin with balance, their best virtue.

They confess they always opt for harmony, present in each and every one of their choices, that pamper finishes and craftsmen accessories with great care. Their style deliberately refined, romantic and rabidly cool doesn´t betray.

I wonder who could be the perfect groom for a discreet woman with clear ideas, that leaves spellbound more than one without pretend to. Merche Segarra answer my question: “He is a sober, clean, quiet and a little bit rebel man. He doesn´t wear tie, he always bets on a touch of color that gives him a plus of personality, and he gives all the prominence to her”. So is the Jesús Peiró man.