The lady in black

Fashion critic, blogger-A Shaded View on Fashion receives 300,000 visits per month- and founder of the first Festival of Fashion and Cinema. This fashion guru, who lives in Paris and loves black dresses, confesses exclusively for El Closet de Joséphine.

What is fashion?

The way in which each one expresses his personality through clothing.

Fashion and style go together?

No. You can buy fashion, but you can´t buy style.

Your favorite designer?

Rick Owens, because it has an inimitable stamp that has found the balance between something original and commercial.

And your favorite film?

Opening Night, directed by John Cassavetes.

Your fashion basics?

Black blouse and skirt, platforms and veil.

Why do you like so much dress in black?

I feel comfortable with this color. It is elegant, discreet and always right.

Something that you would never wear?

A monkey.

Your latest whim?

A coat of Zoe Vermeer.

What is your opinion about fashion blogs?

They are the democratization of fashion. There are some who are witty and informative and others simply a cut and paste.

Who do you admire?

A Charles James, the real designer of Haute Couture in America.

Which is the direction of the fashion world?

Fashion goes wherever creativity likes.

Her secret points

An art gallery

Galerie Philippe Jousse (6 rue Saint-Claude, 75003. Paris).

A florist

Aryllis (141 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007. Paris).

A restaurant

Yen (22 Rue St. Benoit, 75006. Paris.).

A coffee shop

Coutume Café (47 rue de Babylone, 75007. Paris).

The perfect trip

Santiago de Compostela.