The king of street style

Tommy Ton’s gaze is suspicious and thorough. His flashes freeze moments that are stylish without wanting. But it is not a coincidence that Ton has become the new star of the best international fashion shows. Behind the genius, there is always a story to tell you.
When he was 13 years old, Tom Ford sparked her passion for fashion. “I met him while I was recording him for a TV show. Then, I was struck by his eloquent ability to express, with the most delicate words, the essence of their designs and sexuality of women”, says Ton.

This self-taught photographer that tell us he has become a photographer thanks to the school of life and his graphic design colleagues, decided to debut as a blogger in 2005 with his prodigal son: Jak & Jil. Originally, it was going to be a lifestyle blog about Toronto, but finally became the benchmark of fashion and photography for the most discerning fashionist.
Two years after the launch of the blog, Ton seeped into the London and Paris fashion weeks. It was his first time in the world of street style. His first flashes were candid, and preferred landscapes to portraits. Today his snapshots pamper the details, capture fashion in movement and yield to a good portrait.

Dolce & Gabbana were the first to offer him the opportunity to photograph their fashion shows. Then, many designers knocked on his door. They wanted Ton in their shows. His consecration was a fact.