School Girls

Gossip Girl has become fashion the preppy look or, which is the same, the college look. Next winter (yes, the star system forces me to think in advance), the british tartan will have to deal with blazers and pleated skirts made ​​in USA. Do as I do, and become a School Girl combining poles and moccasins. I´m going to tell you the keys to return to school!

The IT garment: Masculine shirt.
Must have: Impeccably cut blazer with large lapels in red or blue.
Bundle up with knitted sweaters with V-neck.
Total look: Dare with tartan print bibs and opaque tights.
The star: Skirt in scotch print above the knee. Bet on khaki color.
The complement: Camel leather moccasin for classic tastes, or strawberry color for indiscreet looks.
The final touch: Shoulder bag made of leather.

Gossip Girl


Alexa Chung




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