Only Merche


She hates to be the protagonist. She doesn´t give interviews often, only when her dresses need it. Merche Segarra, is in the eyes of many brides, the couturière of Jesús Peiró. She gives life, from her office in Viladecans (Barcelona), to thousands of renewed classics that take over expectations of the most demanding brides.

Her career in the fashion world began when she was eight years old, and she decided to draw her first bridal design for her reminder of communion. Years later, she started Fine Arts and, later, Merche studied fashion design in Milan.

Today, Merche is seven years behind ​​Peiró designs, so different between them, but equally elegant and obedient. Thank´s to an overwhelming but well educated imagination, and an exceptional sensitivity for aesthetic and people, Merche has become the alma mater of the third most important bridal fashion company in Spain. Mothers (and good people) can also rise the top of their professional careers.