Made in Peiró

I can´t tell you how will be the next Merche Segarra´s collection. But I´m gonna tell you how is her latest collection: Soirée.

The catalan designer is always faithful to the subtlety, sophistication and elegance. Oblivious to what is fashionable, Merche loves diving into the archives of fashion history, where she finds her inspiration.

This applies to Soirée collection, which includes the legacy of great couturiers such as Poiret, Vionnet and Chanel.

Emphatic silhouettes, flowing skirts, sleek and glossy white pleats take the hottest costumes of Jesús Peiró, without forgetting the delicate embroidery that returned us in the early s.XX.

In a masterly lecture in sewing and crafts, Merche has created a retro collection with metallic threads, which enrich the tissues and evoke the 30s style.