Long live the legacy of Paul Horst

Por Paul Horst

Last night I was observing a photography of Paul Horst. Turning upside down my old trunk, I found several printed snapshots. I remember when I wanted to compile photos of some photographers who have built the history of fashion.

The legacy that we have is overwhelming. For its beauty, innovation, ingenuity, work and genius. Only off-set as Horst can immortalize the body of the woman with such sensitivity and aesthetic perfection. Famous for his cool look, mathematical frames, the unnatural postures he immortalized to highlight feminine beauty, and unforgettable portraits of Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel, laid the foundations of today’s fashion photography. It´s not difficult to understand that his work has inspired the most academic photographers, such as Patrick Demarchelier, and the most outsiders like Juergen Teller. Long live the legacy of Paul Horst.

Por Paul Horst Por Paul Horst Por Paul Horst Por Paul Horst