Jesús Peiró brides

Novia Jesús Peiró An image is worth thousand of words. And the photos of Peiró brides confirm this once again. The team of the Spanish firm receives every week photographs that immortalize as fleeting as eternal moments with a pert look, a nervous smile, a magical backlight, an excited hug, a wet stamp when the rain does not matter, or a handshake in sign of “victory”. These photos always come with some lines written from the affection and gratitude; because Jesús Peiró brides get their dreamy dress in shape of bies cut, chantilly, organza, encrusted jewels… to give that “yes I do” with personality and savoir faire.

We keep with care and enthusiasm each of your memories, each description of that “forever” made yours wearing a Peiró. Behind him, hours of design and manufacture, feelings and accomplice hugs are lost between fabrics that go beyond a simple dress. Novia Jesús Peiró Novia Jesús Peiró Novia Jesús Peiró Novia Jesús Peiró Novia Jesús Peiró