Jesus´ philosophy

Jesús Peiró

“They essences are immutable, not the structures.
And the essences of the Company are:
well done work,
self-realization in professional work, involving all
and the most advanced social justice,
to get a model company that is proud of all
and explain the dedication and effort of a lifetime.”


With these words borrowed from Francisco Segarra, Jesús Díez Betriu, Jesús Peiró owner, tell us the human foundations of a leading company in the bridal fashion world. Because business success has much to do with the kindness and dedication of staff who works in pursuit of a common goal. Like Jesús and his team do, working together to materialize the dreams of millions of girls in the world. Almost nothing.

Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró