Iris Apfel, the rare bird of fashion

Lush, fan of colors and prints, lover of extra large necklaces and crazy for oversize round glasses. This is Iris Apfel, the fashion icon with more history of our world.
Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba or even Kate Moss. When we talk about Iris Apfel, no one is able to eclipse her. This historian from Queens, New York, never would have thought that at 91 years, she would remain a benchmark of fashion world. And Iris haven´t believed too that the Metropolitan Museum of Art would dedicate her an exhibition: The irreverent Iris Apfel, where there was exposed a part of her wardrobe. In it, haute couture coexisted peacefully with oriental motifs and feather coats.

Her passion for aesthetic led her to become a renowned interior designer, who redecorated the White House for nine presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan and Clinton. Jackie Kennedy loved Iris taste.

Apfel has become excess a way of life, and never leaves home without patterned blouses, maxi bracelets and necklaces made with oversize pieces she buys at fairs. Her favorite brands? Lanvin, Balenciaga and Alberta Ferretti.

Known in the cool system of New York as “the rare bird of fashion”, Iris Apfel is raising passions overcome the 90, for her uniqueness and glamour. A mix that captivates. Love has no age. And fashion either.