I´m still gaping after returning from a trip in time “between threads”. Yes, you´ve read that right. I´m just back from the late nineteenth century, when chantilly´s motifs were hanmdmade drawn and was woven with Leavers machines of 11 meters long and 14 tonnes in weight. For the first time, I had in my hands the most artisan and delicate chantilly of the world thanks to the company Volart.

A small catalan house born in 1857, and where today 15 craftsmen produce a sublime chantilly as you see in Jesús Peiró dresses. There’s no place for electronic, and if you break a piece of a Leaver it must be replaced by another from the same brand or repaired by hand. The entire process of production is a work of art, that return you to the savoir faire of the late nineteenth century. I want to return.