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Jesús Peiró

The Barcelona Bridal Week is coming. We´ll see again the coming and going of journalists, uncontrolled flashes, meters and meters of tulle and chantilly, makeup (sometimes more, and sometimes less) and hours of hairdressing in front of the mirror.

Our fashion show will announce the first of May, and we will do it with subtlety, delicacy, elegance and magnificence. Some of our designs are going to surprise you with fantasy and brocades, designed for sophisticated brides fleeing simplicity. But there is also place, and much, to flared dresses with simple lines. Peiró bet on many different women, but they share a common defect: style.

Today we walk past over the last Peiró shows, to go to the fashion show of next May with Jesús Peiró inheritance in mind.

Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró