About to be under examination:

Jesús Peiró

With the nerves as of a student about to be examined, Jesús Peiró‘s team faces again its Bridal Week marathon. Two days before its staging, the “Perfume” collection impatiently awaits for its turn, after a year of sketches, corrections and a million of stitches. The work is already done, and I see pride through the eyes of those who have participated in the making process, despite the fact that journalists’ keyboard has the final verdict. But the team of the Catalan firm has no fear. And judging by what I’ve been able to see  behind the scenes, they do well!

size-full wp-image-4150″ title=”Jesús Peiró” src=”https://www.jesuspeiro.com/wp-jesuspeiro/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/IMG_8124.jpg” alt=”Jesús Peiró” width=”815″ height=”561″ />

Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró Jesús Peiró