A whirlwind of emotions

Colección Nanda Devi

Lying on the autumnal grass with lost and serene look. Nanda Devi princesses dress with simplicity and sophistication with designs made with fil coupé, delicate chantillys, lace and brocade; playing discreetly with jewel belts, chains, Swarovski stones and other lined with silk organza and crystals. The story is written between veiled necklines, impressive crowns, exquisite finishes, manes in the wind and casual upsweeps.

The stars of the last campaign of Jesús Peiró, this time, change the snow and frost for a green landscape that sees the leaves fall, and let the sun bathe the scene dimly with ochre and other earthy colors.

On the set, the team was witness of that gleam in the eyes that tells you almost everything, a serene expression wandering between memories of a lifetime, that half smile that rides between emotional tears and contained joy… A whirlwind of sensations that assail you without notice, when you finally see you as the bride who has only existed in your imagination.

Colección Nanda Devi Colección Nanda Devi Colección Nanda Devi    Photos: Sofía Roca/Hairdressing and make-up: Susana Sánchez.