5 minutes with Vera Wang

 5 minutos con Vera Wang

We interview the international Queen of wedding dresses. Her last feat? She has become red in the “new neutral. Do you dare with it?
What advice would you give a bride who does not want to dress like a princess?

I´ll propose her fit her waist, a long narrow skirt and a fun headband. I do not like to dictate a particular style, I offer alternatives so that they can choose.

We see in your collections that white is not the only option for wedding dress

I flee hate conventions. I have designed costumes in blue, nude and even in black. I think after the white and the black, red is the new neutral. In Asia this color means good luck.

What other elements should be taken into account to find the perfect dress?

It is important to know the place where will be the wedding. I dress Chelsea Clinton for Upper New York, and Alicia Keys for the south of France. Two very different women in two completely different weddings. And you have to adapt to each other. Also you have to keep in mind if it is a day or night, summer or winter wedding.

What a bride should avoid?

There are many women who dress up as a bridal. It is important that your fiance recognizes you. Nor is the time to do new things with makeup. If you never wear blue shadow, your wedding day is not the time to do so. And do not go overboard with the tan!

5 minutos con Vera Wang